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The world’s best agricultural products still depend on their implementation

The success of modern agricultural projects in producing high yields while maintaining sustainability and efficiency depends not only on the technology that is being implemented, but also on the knowledge, expertise and experience of those implementing it. Even the world’s best products still depend on their implementation. They must be suitable for the specific type of water, climate and soil, the application rate has to be properly calculated, the soil must be prepared and much more.

Unparallel knowledge and best practices

For over four decades and across 110 countries, we have developed unparallel knowledge and best practices in the implementation of advanced irrigation technologies for a wide variety of crops. This unique perspective is implemented in our projects and shared with our clients. We have had experience with almost every type of climate, soil, landscape, water source, and culture. There is one thing that is always certain in agriculture - there is no single solution for every need. Knowing what to implement and how to do it amidst all these parameters is a key factor in our competitive advantage and plays a pivotal role in the success of the projects.

Combining advanced agronomics with superb engineering

Netafim offers a comprehensive support solution, closely accompanying the project throughout its entire lifecycle. We offer a wide variety of services provided by professionally certified agronomists, engineers and drafters, irrigation system technicians and more. This unique combination of advanced agronomics and superb engineering is essential to the success of the project. It allows us ensure the project’s success from both its engineering and agronomic perspectives.


Agricultural Projects’ Lifecycle


  • Feasibility Study – an agronomic, engineering, and economic examination of the project to establish its feasibility and determine which development options are more suitable for the specific land and budget.
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  • Detailed Design – a detailed design and specification of the project prior to execution. This includes a detailed layout, Bill of Materials (BOM) with all the equipment and infrastructure, all the engineering and civil work requirements.
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  • Procurement – Netafim leads and manages the procurement processes, from identifying quality vendors, to timely procurement and shipment to project site.
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  • Implementation – Netafim’s experts perform the on-site installation and implementation, including all the civil work needed, or simply provide professional on-site installation supervision and guidance.
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  • Training and Support – Netafim provides both "on the job" technical and agronomic al training, accompanying the technical operation of the systems, as well as agronomic support on how to leverage the advanced irrigation system installed.
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