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IrriCAD Pro

Irrigation Design Software

IrriCAD Pro is an advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software for designing and optimizing pressurized irrigation systems.
Far more than just a drawing package, it combines the advantages of CAD drawing with powerful hydraulic pipe sizing, automatic pipe fittings selection and optimized network analysis.

Based on the data and its calculations, the system generates a detailed graphical representation of the irrigation system layout and a comprehensive bill of materials.


User-Friendly Design Interface

The software features a user friendly and intuitive design environment which streamlines the work of the irrigation designer.
It offers easy entry of site information and system component data, while automatically converting drawing items into hydraulic components.
The interface offers the ability to create irrigation areas by easily inputting subdivisions of large blocks.
Its quick labeling feature and automatic legend generation, dramatically reduces design efforts and costs.


Automatic Pipe Sizing and Hydraulic Analysis

IrriCAD Pro offers automated pipe sizing and hydraulic analysis utilizing comprehensive interpolation between contours and spot heights for determining pressures and calculating true pipe lengths.
In addition, IrriCAD Pro calculates the system duty of each system flow (station), allowing seamless selection of the optimal pump for operating the system.


Automatic Cost Calculations and Detailed BOM

Selecting the appropriate system components is considered to be one of the most time-consuming tasks for the designer.
IrriCAD Pro automates this tedious process by featuring automated selection of fittings from its comprehensive database.

Netafim supplies IrriCAD Pro with a comprehensive database containing fittings, pipe, sprinkler and other components from various manufacturers.
Based on the selection, IrriCAD automatically generates a comprehensive Bill of Materials and provides detailed design and costing reports.


Compelling Visual Design Representation

IrriCAD Pro offers a compelling visual representation of your irrigation system design, while displaying the system’s operation.
Based on survey data and CAD files, it offers a 2D/3D representation of the site’s contours, allowing better understanding of the hydraulic constraints and requirements.
The easy-to-understand graphical representation is an essential tool for communicating your design suggestions with clients and partners and provides you with a competitive-edge.



  • An integrated systems approach that saves you time and money
  • Rapid analysis of complex hydraulic systems that facilitates faster design changes
  • A wide range of design options
  • Quality presentations can be prepared with minimal efforts
  • Increased productivity and enhanced company image
  • A rapid response mechanism to your clients' changing needs.


Ideal for

  • Drip irrigation systems 
  • Sprinkler / Micro-Sprinkler systems
  • Mainlines network
  • Sports fields / golf courses
  • Systems pressurized by gravity


Main Features

  • Easy-to-prepare, high quality design drawings to your specifications
  • Automatic pipe sizing and analysis for looped and branching zone and mainline systems
  • Automatic fittings selection and generation of Bill Of Materials
  • Comprehensive reporting module for providing design and costing reports
  • Flexible plotting facility for preparing design drawings
  • Seamless importing of image files and AutoCAD files, including elevation grid
  • Graphical representation of the system operation
  • Easy input and subdivision of large blocks of irrigated areas
  • Automatic conversion of drawing items to hydraulic components
  • Advanced method for calculating and using elevation data in hydraulic calculations
  • Visual representation of errors in imported data
  • Quick labeling and automatic legend generation
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