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HydroCalc PRO

About HydroCalc PRO

Netafim™ now offers cutting-edge HydroCalc PRO irrigation system design software. A user-friendly tool for carrying out basic hydraulic calculations, HydroCalc PRO enables designers, dealers and end users to evaluate the micro-irrigation performance of in-field components such as:

  • Drip laterals and micro-sprinklers
  • Sub-mains
  • Main lines (e.g. PVC, PE)
  • Valves
  • Energy calculators

Components and Calculations

  • Drip laterals and micro-sprinklers
    - Lateral-length flow variation and uniformity
    - Head loss and flow rate (based on lateral length)
    - Lateral flushing
  • Sub-mains
    - Head loss (variety of diameters, sections)
    - Head loss (across variable slopes)
    - Sub-main/lateral-collector flushing manifolds
  • Main lines
    - Head loss (variety of diameters, sections)
    - Combination of pipe class/pressure rating/flow variety
  • Valves
    - Local head loss vs. flow rate
  • Energy calculators
    - Power requirements
    - Cost of energy vs. investment cost
  • Planning
    - Irrigation capacity based on emitter/lateral spacing
    - Number of shift calculations and irrigation duration
  • Pressure (required to for operating designed system)


  • Two operational options:
    - Local desktop (via download)
    - Web access
  • Automatic data updating via Internet connection
  • Open system for creation of complementary local domestic product database
  • Graphic demonstration of calculations


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To download the previous version of HydroCalc, click here.


Thank you and enjoy HydroCalc PRO!


Eliezer Gilary
E&P Knowledge Manager


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