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Detailed Design

Following project approval, Netafim's experienced designers will plan and design an irrigation system that is tailored for the specific needs of the project. Netafim’s design strives to find the balance between initial investment (equipment) and operational costs (energy, labor) while optimizing the use of water. The final system will take into consideration the crop mix, soil type, topography, water availability, climate, local common practices and more. Based on the detailed design, the Bill of Material is established as well as the required works schedule and resources.


Required Data
The detailed design is based on in-depth data collection regarding the project’s site, the climate and natural resources. It includes detailed topographical maps, accumulated annual climate data, including daily evaporation and wind data, water quality and available quantity throughout the year, and more.


The teams involved in the detailed design include Netafim's engineers, assisted by the company's agronomic experts. The teams include experts in the specific crop type (e.g. cotton) and in the specific activities (e.g. green houses) as defined by customer needs.


Process and Methodology
The team analyzes the data, defines the exact crop water requirements, performs hydraulic calculations to establish the components and layout of the irrigation systems, the water pressure that will be used throughout the irrigation system, and the irrigation scheduling. In addition, the team establishes a detailed plan of operations that takes into account all the hydraulic and agronomic data and the local standards in terms of the engineering.

As part of the design process Netafim uses advanced design tools such as IrriCAD Pro and HydroCalc.:

  • IrriCAD Pro – IrriCAD Pro is computer-aided design software for designing and optimizing all types of pressurized irrigation systems.
  • HydroCalc – a light irrigation design software that is used to perform hydraulic calculations.


The detailed design comprises a set of documents, including the irrigation system layout, the Bill of Material (BOM), schedule of works, timetable, technical drawings, assembly drawings, technical description of the solution, and the operation and maintenance manuals.


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