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Netafim was founded in 1965 by farmers and agronomists who recognized micro irrigation as an optimal solution to one of the world's most pressing problems: lack of quality water for food production.
That same idea still stands at the heart of all Netafim products, each specifically designed to promote water conservation.

Netafim's agronomy division conducts its activities while considering four key dimensions:

  • Corporate Mission - maintaining our position as the world's leader in low flow irrigation
  • Market dynamics - gaining and retaining a unique competitive edge within a changing marketplace
  • Professional performance – delivering valuable results
  • Change - coping with the continuously evolving needs of our counterparts

We adhere to the following core values, always in tune with the Netafim corporate culture: integrity, trust and teamwork, commitment, respect, open-mindedness and a winning attitude.

Agronomic & Technical Guidance

As a global leader, Netafim and its employees offer customers the benefit of vast experience and know-how, guiding them as they select the right irrigation system for their specific needs and local environment.
Our agronomists play a key role in the dissemination of factual, comprehensive and current knowledge and information on microirrigation application technologies in agriculture, horticulture, landscape and turf, greenhouse, mining, wastewater use and more.
We offer true value to growers, policy makers, consultants, individuals, business partners, organizations, farming communities and nations, assisting them in developing improved and integrated soil-water-nutrient-plant practices.
The result is enhanced water productivity, fertilizer use efficiency, land productivity and, ultimately, sustainable and profitable agricultural production systems. In addition, our products and solutions promote the conservation of fertilizer and agricultural water resources.

Information & AgroKnowledge Management

Our agronomy division continuously supports the collection, compilation, analysis, synthesis and dissemination of new agro-technical developments. We compile and create updated knowledge bases on microirrigated crops with respect to irrigation methods, crop water requirements and microirrigation scheduling, nutrigation management and scheduling, growing methods, water quality and drip maintenance, chemigation, organic farming, tillage, weed control and more.
The Netafim Knowledge Center is currently being developed to rank amongst the world’s leading agroknowledge sharing and exchange bases. Its significance lies in the support it offers for learning and skill development and is a key factor towards developing advanced agriculture globally.

Strategic Support

Our strategic support comprises of guidance, strategic direction and advice on microirrigated crops, water and nutrigation management technologies. We offer our support to influential agricultural water management organizations, academic research, teaching institutions and policy and decision-makers by organizing consultant and expert meetings, seminars, symposia, international conferences and training and capacity building courses. In addition, we conduct technical feasibility, risk assessments and cost-benefit studies of various agricultural water management and conservation alternatives.
We also provide strategic perspectives for better planning and implementation of diverse microirrigation projects.

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